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Step into the amazing world of our features! Uncover all that we have to offer and see how they can take your experience even further.

Easy Access

With MyProviderHUB, you can get disability services whenever and wherever work needs to be done! No app downloads necessary - just hit the ground running with a secure platform that always keeps your confidential data safe. Get ready for an effortless way to stay informed on-the-go!

Participant Self Service

With our convenient participant portal, participants can access their support plan and service agreement quickly while having the ability to create, change or cancel a booking request with ease. Our comprehensive web portal ensures customers feel supported and in control at all times!

Provider Management

Be NDIS audit prepared and on track! Built-in registers make it easy to monitor everybody’s progress for the next review, while running overall business operations in one central location. Communicate updates promptly so that your team is always current with changes that may affect them.

HR Management

We're simplifying HR management to make sure employees are always up-to-date on their compliance needs and don’t miss any of the important paperwork. Our onboarding checklists keep everyone in sync, so new hires get a great start with your company! Plus, our system lets them easily update their records for greater accountability.

Task Management

Now, you can stay organized and take action within your business faster than ever! Instantly create requests to anyone in the organization - whether it's signing a form for a participant or following up on leads. And with this feature, conveniently keep track of everything right from your dashboard by creating personalized task lists. Streamline processes today!

Relationship Building

Make the most out of your relationships and unlock a powerful new way to manage referrals, coordinators and enquiries with our advanced Enquiry Tracker! Streamline interactions with comprehensive history logging, document storage features - plus so much more.

NDIS All in One Application

Our interface is designed to make your life better. We know how essential speed and convenience are in this industry, so we crafted a solution specially for you!

MyProviderHUB - HQ

With our Dashboard, you’ll be able to take control of your NDIS Support Provider’s day-to-day operations. Simplify tasks and streamline communications with an easy to use To Do list feature that allows you send/receive internal requests as well as get important messages out quickly & accurately! Plus – we’ve got it all covered when it comes time for celebrating special days; integrated birthday reminders mean no one gets left out on the big day!

MyProviderHUB - MyWorker

Give your team an empowering experience with MyWorker and MyParticipant Hubs. Keep the whole profile at their fingertips via a mobile app, so they can take control of their accounts quickly and easily! Participants get easy access to support plans or documents while staff members enjoy convenient HR information in one central location. It’s simple – let them be productive wherever they are!

Affordable Pricing

Our pricing is simple, affordable and crystal clear – so you can make decisions that work for both your pocketbook and goals!

MyProvider Lite

Includes HQ Hub and Support Hub
$ 25 Monthly
  • First 10 End Users Included

MyProvider Pro

Includes HQ Hub, Support Hub and Participant Hub
$ 99 Monthly
  • First 40 End Users Included

MyProvider Platinum

Includes Customised Hubs With Your Branding
$ 399 Monthly
  • Unlimited End Users

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